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Doğuş Plastik

Production of Mold

We are able to make design and production of every kind of plastic injection mould with our expert team and years of experience. Our team who are aware of the fact that mould quality is the most important factor in plastic piece production carries out quality control studies at every stage of mold production and tries to fulfill demands of our customers completely.

Plastic Part Production

Our firm which serves with molds produced within our organization to customers in different sectors about plastic sub-industry products enables continuous training of personnel and continuous improvement at every point and keeps the quality at highest level. Produced up to 1000 gr with our machines which have clamp forces varying between 120 tons and 320 tons, plastic piece products of our firm are distributed different regions of the world.

Design and R&D

Our experienced customer oriented manufacturing company, a project you have in mind for you, starting from the design process, the manufacturing process can support up to. As industrial design, prototyping, Costing, Production Testing and controls, and provide the pass phrase you the support you need.

Production Areas

Dogus Plastik is produced; Desktop Socket Output Systems, Raised Flooring and Underfloor Outlet System, Electrical Panels and Rack Cabinets Accessories, Profile Accessories and Panel Radiators Parts. Desktop Socket,Raised Flooring and Underfloor Outlet Boxes are completely designed, manufactured and sold by itself. Dogus Plastik has currently acquired an important place in this market.