Doğus Plastik Bina

Doğuş Plastik

Doğuş Plastic and Mold Industry and Trade Limited Company started operation with mold production in Süleymaniye for the first time by İrfan Yurtseven in 1985 with 100% domestic capital, in the following years expanded its operation area with plastic injection piece production apart from mold production.

Doğuş Plastic gives support to various key industries, dominantly Heating-Cooling Systems, as suppliers. Within these supports; they sustain studies such as R&D studies for new projects, design and engineering service for Industrial services, fast prototype support with full-support policy about sector as supplier firm.

Doğuş Plastic which is under-floor junction box for raised flooring system makes durable and practical product designs for Desktop Plug Systems according to demands and produced various Desktop Plug output combinations and entered into new product market. It registered the trademark of KSİ in the name of Doğuş Plastic in 2013 for the products which address Industrial Design, Construction Materials and Electrical Goods status.

Production Plant

Our facility which nearly has 4000 m² closed area is in Esenyurt, İstanbul and 7 km. from Ambarlı harbor, 1.5 km from E-5 high-way and 5 km. from TEM Avcılar ticket-office.

Everywhere in the World

Doğuş Plastic which is nearly 30 years old goes on expanding through exportation to many countries, mainly England, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Azerbaijan and France apart from Turkey.

Design & Production

Putting forward “product-oriented and systematic” design process in which “determination of product and status”, “preparation of Product Design Specifications” and all necessary “Design disciplines” are analyzed.

Our Quality Policy

In the line of Dogus Plastik ve Kalıp SAN TIC LTD STI’s vision for the future; we develop and manufacture affordable, easy-to-use, reliable consumer products and deliver after sales service by implementing state-of-the art technologies to satisfy our customer needs beyond their expectations.

We perform our activities to

• document, certificate and continuously improve our Quality Management System to comply with the ISO 9001:2015 standard requirements,
• attain organizational and departmental targets with team-work concept, taking Total Quality Philosophy into account,
• review our work processes by conducting a self assessment program and define proactive activities to improve our overall performance,
• enhance productivity of all our processes to a level of international competition in direction of continuous improvement approach,
• encourage innovative and creative approaches, and conduct trainings to increase technical and behavioral competencies

accompanying the, Health and Safety Management Systems and we strive to set a model in durable goods sector with regard to quality efforts.